I’m excited to say that my next book now has its own page on Amazon, and is available for pre-order (see here).

Unlike my last two projects, this one isn’t academic. It’s accessible for all audiences (not just theologians). And as the title suggests, it aims to unpack How Jesus Saves: Atonement for Ordinary People.

We’ve shot video curriculum to go with it for small groups or individuals, and it includes discussion questions at the end of every chapter.

Essentially, it’s like Long Story Short, but for the doctrine of atonement.

I’d love it if you’d consider pre-ordering it since that can help a lot in the run-up to our release date in early March.

In the meantime, here is a blog post that has just been released today over at my publisher’s website: Seedbed.com.

Christmas Anyway: Why Incarnation matters for the Doctrine of Atonement.”

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